Electric Underfloor Heating

ElectroFlex Electric underfloor heating supply and installation

A heating solution for your whole home


Hassle free supply and installation

Electric underfloor heating is quick and easy to install as there are only 3 major components; the insulation, the heating mat and the thermostat.

A team of two competent installers can lay on average 120m2 of insulation and matting a day. To wire a system, an electrician can wire up to 7 zones on average a day. Most people find this system quicker and more cost effective to install than radiators and warm water underfloor heating.

  1. Interior design freedom
    with no ugly radiators on show
  2. Stay warmer on cold days
    with high output systems conservatories
  3. Get a better night's sleep
    eliminate stuffy and dusty air cause by radiators
  4. No more steamy mirrors
    even after the hottest of showers
  5. Warm tiled floors
    dry quickly and offer comfort after a bath
  6. Maximise wall space
    with electric underfloor heating under tiles


Running Costs

The table below shows the average running cost of different rooms within a family home.

RoomBedroom 1Bedroom 2Bedroom 3Bathroom & HallLiving Room & Kitchen
Room Area 12m2 16m2 18m2 12m2 26m2
Heated Area 10m2 12m2 14m2 10m2 22m2
Running Cost/hour 15p 18p 21p 15p 33p
Avg. Daily Cost 60p 72p 84p 60p £1.32


The calculations are based on
an average cost of 10p per kWh and the room being insulated up to building regulations including the appropriate floor insulation.

Average daily costs are based on

keeping a room warm for 16 hours and
with a 25% duty cycle.
Matting is based on a 150W/m2.